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Terms and conditions of adopting a dog

In the text below "Dog" will be taken to mean any canine of any age or sex. Binfield Dog Rescue offers animals only to adopters who accept these terms and conditions. Binfield Dog Rescue reserves the right to remove a dog if it is convinced that the adopter has violated a term or condition.

  • The Dog's Health: There is no guarantee that the dog is or will be free of disease or behavioural disorders. Binfield Dog Rescue makes every effort to confirm that a dog is healthy and socially acceptable before homing it. We cannot, however, exclude the possibility of a hidden disorder in a particular animal.

  • Similarly, Binfield Dog Rescue cannot guarantee the parentage, breed or age of any dog, nor in the case of a puppy, its future size or appearance.

  • The dog will be fed, watered and maintained in good condition and have adequate exercise every day.

  • The dog will have regular veterinary health checks and routine immunisations at the adopter's expense. If the dog appears ill or injured, the adopter must take timely advice from a qualified veterinary surgeon at the adopter's expense.

  • The adopter will pay for the dog to be neutered.

  • The dog will always wear a suitable collar with an identity tag. Microchipping is also recommended but is not a substitute for a collar tag.

  • Every change of the adopter's address will be reported to Binfield Dog Rescue.

  • Any representative of Binfield Dog Rescue will, at any reasonable time, be granted the access necessary to inspect the dog and his home.

  • If, for any reason, the dog has to be given up, it will be returned to Binfield Dog Rescue.

  • Donations received are not refundable under any circumstances.

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