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Having opened in 1966, we take in dogs from owners that cannot keep them and unclaimed strays from council pounds where they are kept at our kennels with us. Many of these are Staffordshire Bull Terrier type dogs and Rottweilers because the rescues local to the pounds will not find homes for this breed of dog. Binfield Dog Rescue receives no government grants or large donations from wealthy benefactors. All our funding comes from the donations we receive for the dogs.

Please ring us on 01344 421490 to make an appointment to see the dog you wish to adopt during our opening hours. You can take a dog for a walk, as they much prefer to be out exploring than sitting in a kennel. If you like one enough to take it home with you, we ask you to complete an adoption form and pay the donation that we set depending on the age and the breed of the dog. We recognise that a kennel is not a good environment for a dog, so we will usually release a dog to its new carer immediately subject to conditions required for its welfare.
If you would like to rehome a dog we will ask for proof of ID e.g. a passport, and proof of where you live e.g. a recent gas/electricity/phone bill.
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